Camrose Shooting Sports – Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship and Holster Training Topics covered in the Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship and Holster Training course include:

 Handgun safety and safe handling practices

 Fundamentals of effective handgun marksmanship

o Stance
o Grip
o Sight Alignment o Sight Picture
o Trigger Control

 Safe and efficient deployment of a handgun from a holster
o “4 Count” Presentation sequence
o Support hand considerations on presentation / holstering
o Trigger finger discipline on presentation / holstering
o Deactivation / activation of safeties on presentation / holstering

 Handgun stoppage and malfunction clearance techniques o Failure to Fire (Type 1)

o Failure to Eject (Type 2)
o Failure to Extract (Type 3)


 Semi-Automatic Handgun or Revolver

 Gun Belt, Holster, Magazines / speed loaders with Pouches, minimum of 2 magazines / speed loaders (Holster

must completely cover handgun’s trigger guard, belt must be suitable to properly support equipment)*

 Hearing and Eye Protection (Mandatory)

 Baseball Cap with Brim (Strongly recommended)

 100 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition (Factory ammunition strongly recommended)

 Clothing suitable for conditions (must not cover / interfere with holstered handgun or magazines)


 Restricted PAL (unless the firearm can be borrowed and transported on behalf of participant by RPAL holder)

 Equipment as outlined above under “Requirements:”

Course Duration:

 4 Hours Course Fee:

 $100.00 / Person Members and $110.00 for non members

  • Gun belts must be suitable to securely support holstered handgun and loaded magazines. Use of standard “dress” belts is STRONGLY discouraged. Cross-draw, shoulder and SERPA or similar style retention holsters are NOT permitted for use in this class. Holster must be worn on the strong / firing side.
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