Note from December 24, 2021 to January 3, 2022 we are not processing memberships due to the holiday season. You may still apply for membership during this time though.

Refer to the CSSA membership banner on the left side of the home page and click the membership tab this will take you to the membership page. There is a button under the heading Where Can I Access Membership Login?

Yes you can use your mobile device to renew or apply for membership. Instructions provided on the website and membership guide can reference for example the left side of home page to access the events calendar which may be only visible for users of desktop computers. Navigation features of mobile devices such as cell phones or I-pads will be different – you must know how to use your device to navigate the website.

Reminder don’t head to the range unless you have received the emailed copy of your membership card and have your gate/swipe card in your possession. Merely setting up your online account or completing the application in full doesn’t mean your membership has been processed.

If you still require a 2021 membership for an RPAL renewal or restricted firearms purchase prior to Dec 23, 2021 please read the next line and contact Candace.

If you have problems with your application please email candace@managewise.ca She is checking emails multiple times during the day Monday through Friday.


Outdoor range is open. Members and guests of members are required to follow current applicable Alberta Health Services (AHS)  guidelines regarding Covid 19 included but not limited to practicing social distancing (stay 6 feet apart) while using the outdoor range(s).  Due to AHS guidelines we have made necessary alternations to the placement and number of available shooting tables and benches including the removal of several to maintain the required 6 feet of separation between members while shooting. Please limit your shooting time if the range is busy as we are operating with a reduced number of shooting positions.      


Indoor range located at 4516 – 54 Street Camrose is open each Wednesday night for rimfire rifle/pistol and centerfire pistol practice, 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

The indoor range will reopen Wednesday November 3 at 7:00pm range and will be closed for the summer starting Wednesday May 4, 2022. Indoor range will reopen fall of 2022 dates will be posted late summer 2022 .

Couple of items to note regarding the indoor range.

We are very fortunate to reach an agreement with the City of Camrose to have the indoor range remain as a stand alone structure.

The City of Camrose has permanently disconnected the water and sewer services to the indoor range. Closest washroom facilities are located at the nearby field house availability is subject to prevailing Alberta Health Services Guidelines.   

Reminder you will have to provide proof of Covid vaccination in order to use the indoor range. Note this applies to the indoor range only due to confined space of the range. Proof of vaccination not required for the outdoor range.    



Archery at the the indoor range starts Monday December 6, 2021 at 7:00pm see either Mark or Merlin at the indoor range located at 4516 – 54 Street Camrose.

Mark     mwjohns968@gmail.com     Merlin    merlingabourie@gmail.com



Access the Facilities banner on the left side of the home page to view our range facilities and scheduled shooting times. Suggest you always view the events calendar located within the About the CSSA banner located on the left side of the home page before heading out to the outdoor range for operating hours and scheduled closures.

Our ranges are certified by CFO/RCMP. Current certification is good to December 31 2023. Outdoor rifle range is approved for both rifle and handgun. Additional information listed in each specific range type – left side of home page – Facilities banner.

You must hold an annual membership to access and use our facilities. Exception is a guest can accompany a member to gain range access for a limited number of visits. Click on the CSSA Membership banner located on the left side of the home page for more info regarding guest fees.


Members must provide their own legally owned firearms, ammunition and paper targets we are not setup to rent firearms or sell ammunition and or targets. Exception skeet and trap ranges use club supplied targets at $5.00 per round (a round is 25 clay targets).  Members must use paper targets only or may use club installed steel gongs at various distances on the range. Leave your exploding targets, metal swingers, bouncing ground targets etc. at home as these are prohibited from being used on our facilities.   


Ammunition loaded with lead or jacketed lead bullets (most common in North America) is acceptable. 

Maximum caliber sized allowed on our rifle range per RCMP/CFO is 338 Lapua.

Most military surplus ammunition either rifle or pistol from China or the former Soviet Union and its former satellite states including but not limited to Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine etc. use ammunition with steel penetrator cores in the bullet construction. Use of this ammunition is prohibited at our range.     

Shotgun slugs are allowed on the rifle range. Buckshot and or lead or steel shot hunting or target loads are prohibited from being used on the rifle and pistol ranges.  See the guys on Sundays 1:00 pm at the skeet range it you want to shoot clay targets – check the events calendar for scheduled shooting dates at the shotgun ranges.  

Skeet and trap ranges shots require shells loaded with lead shot no larger that size #7 1/2 is allowed.


Outdoor range is located at the junction of Township Road 463 and Range Road 203 Camrose. 

Legal land location SE-21-046-20-4 Camrose Alberta.