The Trap field will be available on Sunday afternoons only from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
providing the temperatures are not forecasted to be lower than -12 Celsius. Start time is at 1:00 pm sharp and may end sooner than 3:00 pm depending on the numbers of shooters attending. Shooters are to supply their own shotguns (12 gauge or smaller) and ammunition with lead shot size 7.5 or smaller, targets are supplied by CSSA at a cost of $7.00 per round (25 clay targets is a round). You do not require an expensive target shotgun to shoot trap most shooters use their respective 12 gauge waterfowl or upland shotguns. When shooting suggest using a tight choke for your chosen shotgun (modified or full choke, full is preferred) for trap.

The Trap/Skeet chairperson or their designate must be present in order to use the range at all times.

Please direct any inquiries to 

Use of hand throwers and personal traps is
prohibited on the trap range.

There are shotgun patterning frames located on the south side of the trap field. Lead or steel shot can be used excluding buckshot of any size and slugs. You are required to supply your own paper or cardboard to fasten to the frames. Suggest you use wire, tie wraps or black paper binder clips. 

Note our facility is fortunate enough to have a trap range due to a long standing agreement with the City of Camrose as required by CFO/RCMP. This range operates only during posted times as noted above – no exceptions. 

Entrance to the Trap Field

Trap House