Effective immediately the use ammunition loaded with steel core/penetrator bullets is now prohibited in the discharge of any rifle or pistol at ranges operated by Camrose Shooting Sports Association.

Typically most if not all military surplus ammunition from the former Soviet Union (Russia) and its satellite countries including but not limited to Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ukraine etc is loaded with this style of bullet. Also most if not all military surplus and some new commercial (military type) ammunition manufactured in China is loaded with this style of bullet.


7.62 x 39mm 7.62 x 25mm
7.62 x 54mm
5.56 x 45mm aka .223 Remington
7.62 x 51mm aka .308 Winchester

Only the ammunition is prohibited not the caliber. Members may use conventional ammunition with lead core bullets encased in a copper or steel jacket in any caliber up to and including 338 Lapua. 


  1. You can still shoot your SKS and M91/30 rifles (2 of most common rifles) with the appropriate ammunition. Check the internet and gun stores for brands which do not have a steel core or penetrator within the bullet construction.
  2. Become educated on ammunition you are purchasing and intend to use, Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse – there are consequences by not following the rules. Refer to the 2 attached bullet illustrations as a reference.
  3. There are brands of ammunition such as Wolf manufactured in Russia loaded with conventional bullets which have a lead core encased by copper jacket or steel jacket and a steel or brass cartridge case. This ammunition is permissible to use by definition.  
  4. If a magnet doesn’t stick to the bullet you are ok to use the ammunition. Reminder that 5.56 x 45mm green tip military ammo has a copper bullet jacket with a steel penetrator tip inside – this also prohibited by definition.

An example of a bullet with a steel core or penetrator – now prohibited at Camrose Shooting Sports Association Ranges.

Examples of bullet types which are allowed to be used at Camrose Shooting Sports Association Ranges.