Memberships cover the calendar year (i.e.: January 1st through December 31st inclusive). Memberships are not pro-rated.

Members can access the outdoor ranges daily from the date membership is purchased (and gate/swipe card activation) to December 31 each year. Check the online events calendar for scheduled range closures for maintenance, police training or work undertaken by the City of Camrose. Events calendar is within the About the CSSA banner located on the left side of the website home page. Skeet and trap ranges are open Sundays only year round weather permitting refer to the applicable web pages located in the Facilities banner located on the left side of the website home page for more info.

Camrose Shooting Sports Association reserves the right to cancel/suspend any membership and or range access as a result of any member failing to follow current range rules and regulations. Safety comes first – no exceptions.

Range rules and regulations are available for reading in the clubhouse at the outdoor range, indoor range and on the home page of this website. 


2021 memberships are available through our website only. Please read the information below before clicking the login button which will take you to our membership site. There is also a membership guide at the bottom of this page.

You can apply for a membership online 7 days a week, memberships are processed Monday to Friday starting December 14, 2020. Membership consists of a 2021 paper membership card emailed to your email address after your application is processed and a separate gate/swipe card required to access the outdoor range.

All members renewing or new, you will have to set up a new account for 2021.

  • Fully completed membership applications are processed first. Our goal is to process completed applications within 48 – 72 hours depending on current application volumes. We do not have the luxury of a totally automated system there are people in the background verifying your information and processing your payment.
  • Common errors slowing the process down are missing waivers and credit card information required for payment.
  • We will contact members several times to remind them of outstanding information required to finish their applications. After that the onus is on the member to supply the outstanding information.
  • Don’t head to the range unless you have received the emailed copy of your 2021 membership card and have your gate/swipe card in your possession.
  • Renewing members will have their swipe/gate cards reactivated within 24 hours of receiving their emailed 2021 membership card. New members will have their gate/swipe activated card mailed to their mailing address on file.

An enhanced feature is the website will fill out the personal information on your waiver(s) when you download it. Member to sign the waiver along with a witness over the age of 18 add an emergency contact then scan and upload back to the website. All members under your membership must complete a waiver. After uploading the completed waiver you are not required to submit a new waiver for 2022 and subsequent membership years providing there are no changes to your personal info – name changes in particular.

Gate/swipe cards – either your have one or you don’t. If you have one please enter the 4 digit number (ie current gate/swipe cards range from number 0001 to 2000) from the front of your swipe card in your membership profile or check the box you need a swipe card.

If you need help with your application please email She will checking emails multiple times during the day Monday through Friday.


Guests are allowed under the supervision of a Member. $5.00 fee per visitor per visit, sign in book and cash box are located in the clubhouse. Individual guests can make use of the Association’s facilities up to three times within a calendar year. After the third visit, the guest must purchase a membership in order to continue using the facilities.

We ask that members bring no more than 3 guests at a time per visit.

2021 RATES

Single $130 
Couple – $150
Additional – $15/ea

NOTE: A Family Member is defined as
Spouse or common law partner of primary member

Children under 18 years of age you are legally responsible for (i.e.: natural or adopted)

Additional family members are those outside the primary member and their significant other. For example, a family of 5 (e.g.: dad, mom and three kids) would cost $195.
Your mom/dad, aunt/uncle, cousin(s), niece/nephew, grandparent(s)
or hunting/shooting companion will have to purchase their own membership.
Student/Youth $55 – Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an active adult member of our club.
Students 18 years of age and older enrolled full time in a program of studies such as college, university,
NAIT, SAIT or an apprenticeship program at the time you are purchasing your membership.
You must provide proof you are a student such as a valid student ID Card or current
course schedule to receive the reduced membership rate. We will ask you to email applicable proof.


Membership cards for 2021 you can reprint from your membership profile from the website at no cost. Click the view button beside your 2021 application in your membership profile, click download membership card.

If you should lose your plastic gate/swipe card required to access the outdoor range replacement cost is $25. Email for a replacement swipe card.


Click on the below noted membership guide for help.