All members have to use their swipe card to access the gate controller to enter and leave the outdoor range. One swipe card is issued to each membership purchased starting in 2018.

If members bring a guest they are still required to sign in at the club house and pay the required individual guest fee. Members are not required to sign in as your swipe card leaves a record when you enter and leave the outdoor range.

Do not follow another member through the gate. Everybody has to access and leave the range individually. Forget to swipe in by following the car in front of you and you could be stuck inside the range by yourself.

Key pad to enter the range is located to the left of the gate on the exterior fence.

Key pad to leave the range is located on the left side of the drive way as you are approaching the gate.

There are information signs posted on the interior and exterior side of the fence with contact phone numbers if you have problems with your card.