We have two primary facilities available to our members: our Outdoor Range and our Indoor Range. Follow the links below to see information on the number of bays, and any calibre restrictions.


The Outdoor Range is located off Range Road 231 on the outskirts of Camrose. We have a clubhouse and bathroom facilities.

All visitors to the Outdoor Range, whether Member or Guest, must sign the Activity Register in the Clubhouse. This is particularly important for those who are using Restricted Firearms.

  • Clubhouse with wood stove
  • Skeet field
  • Trap field
  • 100 Yard Rifle Bays
  • 50 Yard Rifle Bays
  • Pistol Bays
  • Archery
  • Knife and hawk trail
  • Fire pit area
  • Action Shooting Range (under supervision of approved Range Safety Officer only)

Calibre Restrictions

  • All calibres except 50BMG are allowed on our 100 Yard and 50 Yard Rifle Bays.
  • Shotgun slugs are allowed on our Rifle Bays. No shot of any type is allowed on our Rifle or Pistol Bays.

Black Powder

Black powder rifles and pistols are allowed on the 25, 50 and 100 yard ranges.


The Indoor Range is located at 4516 – 54 Street Camrose. The facility is wheelchair accessible, and allows us to continue with our pursuits in a warm, indoor setting.

  • Meeting Space
  • 5 – 20 metre Bays

We are currently hosting Archery nights every Monday 7:00 to 9:00PM November to April every week, and Pistol/Small Bore Rifle every Wednesday night from from 7:00 to 10:00PM every week from October until the end of April each year. Indoor range closed for the summer reopens October.

Keep an eye for announcements regarding Action Shooting as well. We have run IDPA style Skills and Drills events at this range over the winter.

We use unheated outside air to help with airflow on the range. It’s recommended to bring a coat if you are going to be shooting any type of firearm at the Indoor Range